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Welcooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! This week marked the 30th anniversary of the Super Nintendo's launch, and we've got a special episode of NVC to celebrate the occasion. Join Seth Macy, Peer Schneider, Sam Claiborn, and Kat Bailey as they discuss their best memories with Nintendo's 16-bit powerhouse. Plus, hear the verdict on No More Heroes 3, impressions of the WarioWare demo on Switch, and more.

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Welcooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! The Pokemon Company has pulled back the curtain on Pokemon Legends: Arceus, as well as the Diamond and Pearl remakes, and the NVC crew is here to talk about all of the newly-revealed gameplay and features. Join Pokefans Casey DeFreitas, Joshua Yehl, Reb Valentine, and David Walker as they react to the next evolution for the series. Plus, Nintendo Switch games just keep selling, to the point where the Big N has set a record in Japan. All that, and more, on this week's episode of NVC!


  • 00:00:00 Welcome! Pokemon Legends Discussion
  • 00:36:17 Diamond and Pearl Remakes
  • 00:51:45 More news
  • 01:05:12 What we've been playing
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From the surprise release of Axiom Verge 2, to the announcement Loop Hero is coming to Switch later this year, the list of great-looking games coming to Switch is longer than ever. Join Seth Macy, Reb Valentine, Brian Altano, and Peer Schneider for this week's episode of Nintendo Voice Chat. 

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Welcoooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! This week, Metroid turns 35 years old in Japan, and Casey DeFreitas, Peer Schneider, Kat Bailey, and Logan Plant are here to discuss their favorite games in the franchise. Plus, The Nintendo Switch just keeps on selling, and the crew breaks down the latest financial numbers. Stick around to hear Peer and Logan's thoughts on The Great Ace Attorney, and much more.

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