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WWWWEEEEELLLLLCOME! This week, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming with all the Nintendo news you wanna put in your ear holes and eyes knobs. Yes, we're talking about Nintendo's big time Thanksgiving sales numbers (spoilers: they made A LOT of money). We're also debunking all those Skyward Sword rumors and rebuttals, and of course... IT'S TIME FOR POKÉMON! This week's cast: Zachary RyanPeer SchneiderMiranda Sanchez, and Casey DeFreitas.

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Ocarina of Time turns 20 this month and remains one of the most important games ever made and in this episode of NVC, we take a look back at what and who made the game so special.

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WEEEEEELLLLCOME! What a silly episode we have for you this week as we discuss all that Yoshi's Crafted World footage from last week's direct, plus we finally get some updates about that Mario movie. But, most importantly: what's up with these Zelda rumors? We break down what the rumors might mean, and kick around some ideas for a Breath of the Wild follow up. This week's cast: Zachary RyanPeer SchneiderBrian Altano, and Tina Amini.

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WEEEEELLLLLLLCOME! Apologies for the tardiness here gang, but whew, that one heck of a Nintendo Direct, huh? We saw a few new characters, an entirely new system with Spirits, and got a metric ton of updates for what is sure to be Nintendo's biggest game this holiday season. We're devoting a solid portion of the show to breaking down news from the Direct, but we're also talking  a bit about Diablo III, Pokemon Let's Go, and a couple of older games that are getting some Switch love this week. This week's cast: Zachary Ryan, Peer Schneider, Tom Marks, and the triumphant return of Casey DeFreitas!

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