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NVC talks about their favorite reveals and moments from the Pokemon press conference, including that surprise Godzilla movie plug, the Detective Pikachu sequel, Pokemon Home, Sleep, and more. Things get a little serious talking about how the World Health Organization has defined gaming disorder as a behavioral addiction, but lighten back up to discuss our most wanted game collections for the Nintendo Switch.

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NVC breaks down all the details from the Mario Kart Tour beta and discusses exactly what we want and DON’T want from Nintendo’s biggest E3 games, from Link’s Awakening to Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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NVC talks Mario Maker 2, Saints Row the 3rd, E3, Detective Pikcahu, and that lovable horseback riding elven boy named Zelda!

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It's nearly time! E3 2019 is right around the corner so we're laying down our biggest predictions. We're also playing TWO games this week, not just one. Wow. What a time to be alive, and a Nintendo fan! 

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Nintendo recently released a financial report, and we discuss how it's looking pretty peachy for our favorite gaming company. However, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in Labo VR is, well, not great. We compare our nauseating experience with the new way to play Zelda to Mario Odyssey's somewhat better VR modes. NVC is once again hit with our late news curse, as Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night's release date trailer launched the day after we recorded! However, we spliced in a segment from the future(tm) to make good on our transgressions. Plus, with so many video games being turned into movies and TV shows, the crew discusses which movie or show they'd want to see as a video game for this week's Question Block question.

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