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Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! Pricing details for Pokemon Home have finally been revealed, and the NVC crew is here to discuss if the service is worth the cost. Plus, hear about Byleth officially joining the fray in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest on Nintendo's mobile revenue, and more. Lastly, it's time to tackle your questions on another installment of Question Block.


00:00:00 Welcome!

00:00:39 Quick news time!

00:10:27 Is Pokemon Home worth it?

00:22:55 Byleth joins Smash!

00:31:30 Games out this week

00:45:34 What we're playing

00:54:25 Question Block

01:05:09 Wrap up!

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Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! First up, learn about Nintendo's new patent for a Joy-Con stylus attachment for Nintendo Switch. Then, the NVC crew is playing lots of Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Switch, and some of the panel has fallen back in love with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Finally, the panel tackles your listener questions on a supersized edition of Question Block. 



00:00:00 Welcome! Quick news time

00:09:55 Games out this week

00:20:51 We're playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Smash!

00:41:45 Mega Question Block!

01:12:50 Wrap up

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Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! New DLC for a handful of first-party Switch titles is on the way, and the NVC crew is here to break it all down. First, in the news, the fourth wave of Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC is coming next month, and it adds a secret fourth house into the mix. Then, the panel discusses Byleth joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as well as the announcement of Fighters Pass Volume 2. 

Then, instead of a new retail version, Pokemon Sword and Shield is receiving DLC, as two major content updates are set to release this year. Find out what the panel thinks of Pokemon's new strategy. Finally, hear your listener questions tackled on Question Block.


00:00:05 Welcome!

00:00:35 News time!

00:08:55 Smash Ultimate DLC discussion

00:23:51 Pokemon's new content strategy

00:41:39 Games out this week

00:54:11 What we're playing

01:02:17 Question Block

01:07:45 Wrap up!

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Welcome to a new year of Nintendo Voice Chat! To kick the year off right, the NVC crew is here to preview what Nintendo games we can expect to come out in 2020, including Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the updated version of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, and more. Plus, there's another Switch Pro rumor floating around… is this the year Nintendo releases a significant Switch upgrade? Finally, the crew discusses Starlink's insane holiday sale price on Question Block.


00:00:05 Welcome to 2020!

00:01:09 Quick news! Is a Switch Pro on the horizon?

00:13:55 Looking at Nintendo's 2020 schedule

01:02:40 Games out this week

01:03:45 Question Block!

01:06:20 Wrap it up!

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