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Welcome to Nintendo Voice Chat! This week, Casey DeFreitas is joined by Peer Schneider, Zach Ryan, and Janet Garcia to discuss the last week of Nintendo news. First, hear the panel's reaction to all the announcements made in the Indie World presentation this week. Then, the panel dives into a discussion about the best sleeper hits on the Nintendo Switch. Plus, hear about the Sports Story delay, more Metroid Prime 4 job openings, and more.

Note: This week's episode is audio only, but we will be back to our normal video shows soon!


  • 00:00:00 Welcome!
  • 00:03:25 The Indie World Presentation
  • 00:36:09 Our Switch Sleeper Hits
  • 00:48:03 More news!
  • 00:57:54 What we're playing
  • 01:03:25 Question Block
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