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Nintendo Voice Chat

Join Seth, Kat, Peer and the rest of our Nin-friendos as we talk everything Nintendo. New episodes drop every Thursday at 3pm!

Apr 14, 2022

This week we talk about the best Zelda game of all time: A Link to the Past… or is it Breath of the Wild? That's kind of what we're getting at here, pitting the two against each other in a winner-take-all bloodbath. We also talk about Switch Sports and how Kat almost destroyed a TV with a powerful kick. Join Kat Bailey, Jada Griffin and Sam Claiborn for another awesome NVC.

  • 00:00:00 - Intro
  • 00:00:56 - Rogue Jam!
  • 00:01:50 - Switch Sports
  • 00:17:09 - Link to the Past vs. Breath of the Wild
  • 00:46:57 - Nintendo Switch Quarterly Review
  • 00:52:00- Bandai Namco Working on a 3D Remaster for Nintendo
  • 00:55:42 - Preview NVC at PAX East Wii U
  • 00:57:29 - What We've Been Playing
  • 01:05:07 - Question Block!
  • 01:11:38 - Outro