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Nintendo Voice Chat

Join Seth, Kat, Peer and the rest of our Nin-friendos as we talk everything Nintendo. New episodes drop every Thursday at 3pm!

Oct 28, 2021

It's a packed episode this week on Nintendo Voice Chat! First up, the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack is out, and there's some frustration over how the N64 games run on Switch. Join Seth Macy, Peer Schneider, Kat Bailey, and our old Ninfriendo Zach Ryan as they hash it all out. Plus, hear about IGN's Mario Party Superstars review, the new Pikmin AR game, and more. Stick around to hear some spoilery thoughts on Metroid Dread.


  • 00:00:00 - N64 Expansion Pack chat
  • 00:29:25 - Is Mario Party Superstars the best Mario Party?
  • 00:33:32 - The new Pikmin AR game
  • 00:37:51 - Top Nintendo Games #43: Metroid Prime 
  • 00:48:25 - Why Nintendo's history deserves better
  • 00:55:10 - Metroid Dread SPOILERCAST