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Welcooome to Nintendo Voice Chat! Casey is back from Nintendo Live in Japan to talk about K.K. Slider’s appearance at the Splatoon concert, her Animal Crossing experience, and more. Then, the panel discusses this week’s news, like Suda and Swery’s strange new collaboration and Diablo 4’s potential leak. Stick around to hear stories from some NVC fans who went to Reggie Fils-Aime’s lecture at Cornell University earlier this week. Finally, the show wraps up with more of your burning questions answered on Question Block.


00:00:04 Welcome! Casey is back from Nintendo Live!

00:17:07 News!

00:30:27 Games out this week

00:39:07 What we’ve been playing

00:58:20 Reggie’s lecture at Cornell

01:02:20 Question Block!

01:15:07 That’s all, folks!

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