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The Goose is finally loose! Join the NVC crew as they discuss their wild, evil adventures in Untitled Goose Game. Then, Mario Kart Tour’s payment plan is pretty suspect, and the panel has some thoughts on the subscription plan that actually costs more than Nintendo Switch Online. Plus, Pokémon master Joshua Yehl joins NVC this week for an extended chat about the Pokémon Trading Card Game, Sirfetch’d, Sword and Shield, and more. Finally, hear your listener queries answered on Question Block.



00:00:01 Welcome!

00:02:53 Switch Lite review discussion

00:10:55 Satisfye Switch Grip

00:16:45 The Goose is loose!

00:25:33 Mario Kart Tour discussion

00:38:00 Pokémon chat!

00:49:06 Question Block

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